"Resonance Disonance"seminar, Blackbox Oslo

During Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020 MA students from Norwegian Theatre Academy invite everyone to participate in an experiment to unfold one of the oldest practices we know: The art of hospitality. By sharing matters and practices at the core of their research processes, the students will explore the following questions: How can we learn to listen to each other? What do we really mean by participation, embodiment and sharing space in art practices today? How do we share knowledge — who has access and who has not? The event will include performance actions, special guests, talks, collective experiments, light refreshments, and open discussions.


Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Experimental sharing of my artistic practice involving sound sampling, composition, and the use of meaningful chaos.

a interactive performance, video, sound and body

I wanted to try out how I would perform an action if the audience did not see my face. I wanted to hand out butterflies from within a suitcase to the audience when they arrived while wearing the dress I came to Norway in as a mask.


I wanted to make a hang out space where I would show my video collage, and where I could play my soundscapes and music and talk about my work and about chaos theory with the audience. 

I was reading about chaos theory, about how a small movement can have a huge effect somewhere else (butterfly theory). In chaos theory the behaviour is not easy to map and understand because of the unpredictable outcome, just like how I experience performance. I never really know what will happen or how I will respond to the space I am in.


I made a video collage of three clips from earlier works that I relate to my experience of chaos. The video collage I used was in this order: Check Scan, digging soil, Check Scan, digging soil, passing by, Check Scan.

Check Scan video is about making sure the environment is safe.

Digging soil is about digging in life.

The passing by video is about life as a journey.

I wanted the video collage to be a part of my presentation because I wanted to find out how having a visual video in the space would affect what  I do, and how It would influence the way the audience experiences my work.


I prepared a combination of sounds on the sampler and made a score that I would use a  plan I could follow during my presentation. I had edited and developed other sound samples from earlier performances and processes, like the ”inner sampling” process, where I sampled the overhead fan through the mic. It was feeding a buzzing sound, so I recorded that feed. The sound from the fan and feedback going through the sampler became a windy melody with a rhythm.


I found music on an old cassette I had never listened to before, one that I brought with me from the Philippines. I recorded a song from the cassette. I played it on the sampler and lowered the pitch.


Experimental sharing of my artistic practice involving sound sampling, composition, and the use of meaningful chaos.

I was performing while creating a hybrid universe, an abstract, personal, social and concrete place. I was reflecting backwards, being with the in between, the void, meeting the now. A place where I can listen to the in-between, discover, respond and hang out with the audience.


A place for myself where I include all my experiences, without explaining them. I shift between my modes of operating; between dance or movement, making or sampling sound, improvisation and “ DJ-ing “. Between discipline, discovery, improvisation and ritual. I integrated playing prepared sound, music, live samples, text, video, dance, action, improvising and performing. 

This video  in my performance from Black box