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Inner Sampling at the Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad 5th des 2019


A performance, highlighting, focusing and experiencing  the in between different modes using electronic equipment, objects, live sampling, sound, myself and the audience. 


Use my understanding of "system thinking". Obeying the system thinking as a way of understanding how things influence one another within a whole.


I am interested in how we create art with technology and how what we create affects us in a new way. 


I am interested in exploring and finding out  how the audience was affected by the interplay between the inner imagined and the experienced world. This for me is vibrational and linked to inner creativity, to how fantasy and imagination is activated.


Welcome to my Inner Sampling. Inner Sampling, a live research performance on reflections and receptivity through actions. I am investigating the experience of shift in sensations, body movement, thoughts and inner images collaborating with sound and objects. Searching to find more connections through interdisciplinary play. What interests me is how new information surfaces during  this process.


I tried to physicalize, move dance my inner dialogue which was influenced by thoughts, images, the audience, objects, sounds and electronics. I was listening when I was shifting between the different modes, between operating and discovering.

This piece was about experimenting with how my inside process is expressed while relating to the outside, the audience and or the physical objects. I was connecting the mind and the body, emotions and expressions.  I was playing with different mediums discovering how to relate to them and at the same time trying to create a space where anything could happen.


I am not gone

I am here

this is only for you, 

What if how I see serves me.

 Translation from sound,

This was a inner mantra in the  performance

 Practice of shifting modes with in Berlin nov 2019, with Claudia Grecco, 

Main Back ground photo :

Lars Kjemphol

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