"Shifting Modes" a piece between practice and performance

Void. Vibration. Shift. State. Speed. Echo. Empty. On. Off. Flow. Flashes. Friction.  Fragments. Fluctuating. Merging. Matter. Mix. Loops. Language. Links. Layers.  Sound. Soul. Body. Beyond. Balance. Become. Temperature. Patterns.

In my work is there is space where I listen to what is. I  focus on shifting modes. This means shifting between
forms of listening sensing and expressing. Predictable and unpredictable.  


Modes are different forms of actions, expression and emotions. One mode can be dancing, another mode can be laying down. A feeling can also be a mode, and can serve as a point of departure.

The shift is what's happening in-between the modes, and is a mode in itself.


I am bouncing between inner and outer dialogue. I'm going through different emotions, physical tensions, visual, emotional and physical memories from within, as well as everything that happens in the meeting with the audience.

glitch video behind here, i made