if you want sound for your reading 


I started with music, dancing/playing the piano and the flute.

I finished  Bårdar Dance Academy and The National Academy of Art. 


IN 2007

I took part in a dance competition on national TV,  “So you think you can dance”.  I ended up performing seventeen different pieces as I competed every week and ended up winning.

I started working with my own background beeing adopted artistically as a solo and a group performance In TekstLab In 2014.

I wanted to expand my idea of choreography and dance.

Through my Master in Fine Art Performance, i explored how My approach to my work is inspired by Fluxus art movement. Fluxus emphasized the artistic process over the finished product. They were playing, and dialoging between different practices and mediums, where radicality, rituals, and the body in action was the center of the birth of performance art.

My work is shifting and changing as I am. My work is always expressed as a trialogue, a feedback loop, with myself, the work, the space, the setting and the people there with me.



THE VIDE CLIPP BEHIND IS "PASSING BY"  from april 2019, from the train