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My life experiences draw me to contrasts and contradictions, and are what have nourished my voice. I work creatively and executive


IN 2007 I took part in a dance competition on national TV,  “So you think you can dance”.  I ended up adapting learning and performing seventeen different pieces as I competed every week and ended up winning.  

With my background as adopted, adapting is natural and a sentral part of my wide intrest for blending expreession in dance and performance art. 

I started working with my own background  as a solo and a group performance In TekstLab In 2014.

I worked with Erikk McKenzie from 2016-18 in the project "ADSR", which explored sound and movement,where I learnt how to play elextronic music live and combine it with danceing


"ADSR" led to my new expanded artistic work in visual art and performance.

Through my Master in Fine Art Performance, i explored how My approach to my work is inspired by Fluxus art movement. Fluxus emphasized the artistic process over the finished product. They were playing, and dialoging between different practices and mediums, where radicality, rituals, and the body in action was the center of the birth of performance art. My work is shifting and changing as I am.

In my MA in Performance from the performing arts academy in Fredrikstad, I focused on how to include, to be listening, to work with time and to "dance" through new elements, such as electronic sound, situation and video in interaction with each other. I have held happening concerts on the bus and subway, and made video installations. I have created soundscapes and performances. In my Master's degree at Zoom, I mixed performance, live electronic music, video, text and dance in an interactive, online art TV show called "Shifting modes."

Method Shifting Modes
In my working method, I switch between actions - predictable and unpredictable. I include actions with sound, body and video. These actions can be dancing, turning on a sampler, or handling a headlight. An emotion can also be an action, and serve as a starting point. The transformation or shift, what happens in between the actions, is also an action in itself. In the shift, I listen to what is with the whole body. This is my creative starting point. The shift takes place between the actions of movement, sound, dance. When I switch, I am between the inner and outer dialogue. I go through different emotions, physical tensions, visual, emotional and physical memories from the inside. I scan all this information mentally and physically. This process is required to be listened to. I "leave the place" and come back. I use the different actions together to express my art.


THE VIDE CLIPP BEHIND IS "PASSING BY"  from april 2019, from the train

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