Soundscapes and


I create sounds.       abstracted from its original source.



Sounds the mind cannot so easily categorize.


I often start with concrete sounds from everyday objects that I have an immediate emotional response to; sounds that


I can link to life experiences that have been very important to me, like the sound of me speaking in Tagalog and the sound of the overhead machine.


I also record myself, playing different stuff like the guitar or me humming, 

I also live-sample sounds from the space I perform in order to emphasize something . When I work with sound loops on the sampling machine I  improvise on top of a preset, composed structure.  I like to merge risk with safety. 


 As I play, turn and twist the knobs and faders, I play, turn and twist my inner landscape.




Sound works :


IN - void Tween BE tracks is developed sounds on with Roland SP 555  

1 Digg jam & 2 grave beat : sound from a digging machine in Fredrikstad 

3 chaoscosmos : sound from overhead projector with feed from the mic  

4 panoking : Talking tagalog 

5 questions : Reversed piano 

6 playing for grandma : impulse playing for my grandmother,

7 here : musicmaker app

8 In between : overhead projector

9 core : a blend of different sounds i have sampled 

10 future: piano

Greving Euphoria JamZ: all made on musicmaker app

11 MA n ILL a

12 messmerge

13 parajam

14 arrival

15 celebrating

Video Work


I started making video as a way of documenting my process.


It gave me the opportunity to communicate, to tell a story from a different perspective.

To twist, expand and enlarge small, seemingly insignificant moments into something bigger. I sometimes use videos in my work to inform and play together with performance space.


Video-works :  

  • Abstract moments 

  • Glitch

  • here

  • Transit 

  • I be seen 

  • Check scan 

  • The Digging machine 

  • Paruparo

  • The Passing by