if you  feel like it, you  could  listen to your body from where you are now for 1 min  ?  

Body movement and physical action.


I have been trying to understand how the physical experience of being in my body shifts when placed in different circumstances. I have examined the way circumstances change my physical tempo, tension and energy. Through this, my physical movements have become more specific, and embodied as they express my inner state. The movements are not choreographed or “made”. They are an expression of me, in that moment. I have explored how not doing is a form of doing, how not moving is also a physical action. The concept of not doing has made me realise that small gestures can have a big impact. This can be things like tapping my chest, laying down on the floor, making a butterfly out of paper, sitting still in front of the audience. This non doing and the small doings, inform and change the bigger physical actions. 

In Eleonora Fabiaos workshop we were asked to try to do something we can do well, and something that is impossible for us. Physical tasks like trying to speak Tagalog, which is impossible since I don't know the language, meets simple tasks as repeating a dance step over and over again. I find this contrast fascinating.


In a different workshop I had with Edit Kaldor, we were asked to try to share a feeling through giving the audience an experience. I wanted the audience to experience a surprising shift with me changing language. I chose to give the audience a meditation in English. To make their body relax by giving them small directions, like “look to the right look to the left. Head up head down. Breathe.” When I changed the language to Italian there was a friction that appeared in the space. People looked at each other, trying to figure out what was going on. 


Through these tasks from Eleonora Fabiao and Edit Kaldor I learned how different levels of ability in what I do affects my physical movements, my inner state, my energy and tension. My level of ability changes my whole experience of being in the moment as well as my interaction with others. I have always known this intuitively but I have not been aware of how fundamental this is for my work which is all about observing and accepting changes within the body.

My body is expressing my ability to adapt to new settings. My movements respond to the discovery, the meeting, the moment, the space, the sound and memories. I am merging constructed movements my body has learned as a dancer with primal movements and movements with a direct link to my memories. This makes my form both linear and nonlinear. The movements are controlled and uncontrolled. They will always be influenced by the audience and the circumstances that surround my body.

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