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I am interested in how «the dance» in thinking being and observing is feeding variations of expression in the Great mess of creativity.

Hanna is a thinker, maker and mover who works as a performer and dancer. Currently for Camilla Tellefsen, and in her own "Bære" duett performance collaboration with artist Kira Senkpiel.

Hanna completed her MA in Performance at the Norwegian Theatre Academy (University in Østfold, Norway) in 2020 and has her education from Kunsthøyskolen I Oslo.

has also worked as a co-creative performer and maker for several artists such as Erikk Mckenzie, Mia Habib, Elle Sofe Henriksen, the organisation TekstLab and dans 5.




 reel of latest my work


"shifting Modes" 
my online performance, Sverigjes Konstforeningar




"Paruparo",  Oslo International Theatre festival, Black Box             sharing of my artistic practice involving sound sampling, composition. A interactive performance, video, sound and body 


"Inner sampling"

at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

A live research performance on reflections and receptivity  through actions. I am investigating  experience of shift  in sensations, body movement, thoughts and inner images collaborating with sound and objects.  Searching to find more  connections through interdisciplinary play. What was interesting to me was how new information surfaces during  this process.


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