This Master has given me the opportunity to understand more of who I am as a person as well as an artist. I have worked with how I can use my creativity applying all my experiences and knowledge into something new. 


During this Master I have been working from a new starting point. I have rediscovered listening from within, as well as listening to the space, the silence, and my body. 

From this practice I have created what I call Shifting Modes. This is a type of outer choreography generated by my inner landscape. Combining deep listening with impulses that arise from meeting an audience and a space, gives me a rich and evolving source of new, actual material to work from. 


This process is ongoing. I am constantly developing and changing my approach to the creative practice. I listen. I don't take anything for granted. I discover and uncover my material as the creative process unfolds. I cannot control what the audience perceives or experience, so I focus on my own emotions and inner landscapes. This way my body will translate this as best it can. In turn, the audience will have to process this material against their own background and references to find their own meaning. 


During my masters I have developed and applied these principles in a variety of contexts. I have tested Shifting modes working with youth to help them develop work on the spot. I have tested the method in non-traditional contexts, like having performances on the tram and the metro. I have applied them to dance and object oriented performances, to improvise them on the spot. I have made videos, and even ventured into sound sampling, all using the technique of shifting modes- while listening to the void.This has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the essence of these principles.


I think shifting modes, listening, and giving the in-between void space and attention, is becoming a tool that can enable everyone who wants, to efficiently meet the unknown, and create in the moment. 





                         THANK YOU so much  FOR TAKING YOUR TIME 















I would like to sincerely thank:


NTA, BAs, MAs, Electa Woodbridge Behrens

Eleonora Fabiao, Eirik Blekesaune,            Hilde Hannah Buvik

Lars Kjemphol, Uma Feed Tjelta, Claudia Grecco, Olive Bierenga & Otto Ramstad

The clip behind is  from a task i got during Henrik Hellstenius and Coco Karol s workshop I made on the train from Oslo to Fredrikstad